ViaVia Tourism Academy vzw

Since its foundation in 2001, ViaVia Tourism Academy’s story has been built on social commitment and intense involvement with the world, its development- and cooperative activities are directed mainly to the third and fourth world. Inspired by its strong presence on four continents, the Joker/ViaVia network, to which VVTA belongs, is convinced of the power of sustainable tourism and intercultural entrepreneurship.

Why do we do it

  • Tourism is an engine for increasing the prosperity of local communities, on a micro level for the individuals involved and their families, and on a regional level where they live and work.
  • This implies projects concerning capacity building for entrepreneurs, non-formal tourism education, intercultural competence building, cooperation, …
  • From a holistic perspective where People, Planet, Prosperity, and Pleasure are in balance.
  • We want ‘sustainable’ to evolve into ‘regenerative’. If sustainable means ‘to maintain’, regenerative means ‘to repair, renew and nurture’.

What role do we play

Capacity building

Ensure that local entrepreneurs get a better grip on the tourism phenomenon, economically, socially, and culturally.


Ensure that competences are increased in line with knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate to the 21st century.

Learning networks

Ensure that the ideas of sustainable tourism and intercultural entrepreneurship are strengthened and shared.

Raising awareness

Raise travellers’ awareness of the importance of building a sustainable, inclusive, and tolerant world.


Develop the Joker/ViaVia Projects Fund to strengthen entrepreneurs.
Enhancing travellers’ commitment to building a sustainable, inclusive, and tolerant world.

Our most important recognitions

  • 2000: The Joker ViaVia network receives the biennial VBO-VEV Prize for International Partnership for Sustainable Development for its cooperation in Arusha (Tanzania) with eight schools in Tourism. For a partnership based on equality, transparency, and cooperation. This recognition was the stimulus for the establishment of VVTA.
  • 2015: VVTA is named ‘ESF Ambassador’ by EU Commissioner Marianne Thyssen for the transnational ESF project “Café Herman” on economic and social inclusion of ethnic entrepreneurs.
  • 2018: VVTA contributes to the official recognition of Joker as SDG Voice – Ambassador of the Sustainable Development Goals – by the Belgian Federal Institute of Sustainable Development.

Inspiration from the
Joker/ViaVia network

The Sustainable Development Goals give direction to our ambitions for sustainable development. With the Joker/ViaVia network we try to contribute to a world in which People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership are in balance with each other. Pleasure also belongs here, because without passion and pleasure, nothing lasts.