Your compass to…

… sustainable tourism &
intercultural entrepreneurship

ViaVia Tourism Academy is a leading guide in the field of 
sustainable tourism and intercultural entrepreneurship, 
with years of experience in a worldwide network.


We challenge you in the field of tourism and entrepreneurship within your organisation and inspire a ground-breaking, future-oriented approach.


We commit ourselves to your transition to sustainable entrepreneurship and innovative tourism and do this with attention for people and planet.


We organise intercultural meetings where divers entrepreneurs and newcomers talk and learn with each other, increasing insight and passion.


We share our knowledge and experience during short and long-term collaborations,
at home or abroad, tailored to your organisation.

Concept development

We convert our knowledge and field experience into hands-on concepts for sustainable economic, social, and cultural development.

Education & Training 

We strengthen your competences so that you will get a superior professional grip on tourism as a growing economic sector.

Learning networks

We stimulate learning and ground-breaking collaborations through the worldwide presence of the Joker/ViaVia network.

Proud of the impact of our projects

ViaVia Tourism Academy creates impact by challenging, building, and applying knowledge and experience, and by engaging and sharing. This is reflected in all our projects.

We challenge and support entrepreneurs from all over the world to develop in a positive and impactful manner.

With our trainings, we ensure more professionalism, income and experience in the tourism sector.

We strengthen cities and regions by breaking stereotypes and at the same time create dynamics from the interaction between cultures.

Be inspired by our projects


Together we can create more impact

Contact us for large and small projects. 
We would love to see what we can do for you.